is not about how you do your backups

We can orchestrate your mysql & mongodb backups in the cloud

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It's just about that your backups work

With automatic restore test upon scheduling binlogic io test if your backups are correct and able to restore them with integrity

A Closer Look

Automation Tools like chef, ansible & puppet for your infrastructure

But you still use shell scripts to handle your MySQL backups?

Try binlogic cloud backup and manage your backups easily

MySQL & MariaDB Backups

We support all versions of MySQL, MariaDB for logical and snapshots backups using mysqldump, mydumper, mysqlpump or xtrabackup.

MongoDB & PostgreSQL

As we deliver a risk data backup management tool we also give support to execute MongoDB & PostgreSQL backups and restores.


All communications between our agent and the server are encrypted via TLS and backup files using AES256 keeping data and traffic safe.

24/7 Support

Our Support team is 24/7 to assist you, via tickets, online calls using skype and slack dedicated channels and give you the assistance that your need.

Schedule your backups

Schedule every backup task, and the method you are willing to make your backups.Orchestrate your backups management tasks and make your life easier.

Test your backups

Just make the checks and schedule your backup tests

Auto incremental backups using local storage or S3

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Test your backups

Are you able to probe that your backups works? With binlogic io you can schedule random tests  or dedicated ones execute and restores  to evaluate your backup canidadetes and avoid any suprise.

Incremental Backups

With incremental backups you can maximise the granularity of your restores and execute less intensive backup tasks performing just deltas during creating period that you can schedule when you design your scheduling policy.

LVM Snapshots

Using LVM Snapshots you can easily backup snapshots of MariaDB Columnar Storage, TokuDB doing logical copies of the file system.

Auto Incremental Backups

Schedule full and incremental backups for MySQL MariaDB or Percona Servers

Manage all your backups in one place

No matter if you have one or hundreds of servers in you infrastructure, having a solution that helps to administer the backups and retention policies or scheduling makes really easy and saves time in a key part of data administration tasks.


PostgreSQL Backups

As we believe that managing your database backup infrastructure must be a commodity we included the PostgreSQL feature, to help you make your day by day backup management easy.

Core Features

Import your AWS Instances

Import instances from AWS, Digital Ocean just providing your api keys and  easily import your instances to the main control panel and start scheduling your backups and restores.

Choose your best backup Method

Xtrabackup, mydumper, mysqldump, mysqlpump depending your MySQL version or installed software on size and your needs or if you want to backup TokuDB

MongoDB Backups

You can execute mondbdumps and administer your MongoDB Instances to backup and restore


We have support for PostgreSQL backups. Binlogic IO delivers a unique place to administer your database backups and restores.


All the traffic and backups are encrypted making secure connections and the security needed for your data.

Cloud and Local

Store your backups using your local filesystem or using a cloud provider like AWS, Google or Azure

Restores made easy

Schedule logical and snapshots backups
and restore everywhere we support cross datacenter with Google Cloud, AWS and Azure or Digital Ocean

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Smart tools and advisors

We can discover the best moment to execute backups warn upon any event and advise you.



Slack, Nagios, Pager Duty



Get alerts over your backup and restore tasks


Backup Advisor

Discover the best moment to run your backups to minimize your database performance

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