Scheduled Restores Coming Soon

Sneak peek of our next release

Posted by Fermin Silva on May 07, 2017

We are preparing our first non patch release, and it’s coming with very interesting features! The next CloudBackup release will ship with what we call Scheduled Restores.


Scheduled Restores will allow you to configure when restores happen. You’ll need to choose in which server to restore, and from which server you want to take backups from.
After that, you need to choose when you need it to happen, basically either as soon as the backup finishes or in a timely fashion (i.e. every Sunday afternoon).


This is useful for two main things:

  1. Dumps for different environments

    You can configure a restore to run every Sunday to restore a productive backup into a Canary or Staging environment, which your developers can use with real world data. Combined with Customs Scripts you can also obfuscate sensible data after the restore finishes.

  2. Testing that backups are valid

    By dedicating a server solely to run restores, you can perform a restore as soon as a backup finishes. Combined with Customs Scripts, you can execute a couple of test queries to make sure your backup is valid, in case you need to restore it in the future in a productive server.


We are already working in this feature, and expect to release it in about a month. Stay tuned for more info!