Cloud Backup Release 1.9.0

More API resources and skip if not readonly option

Posted by Fermin Silva on May 04, 2018

We are proud to release version 1.9.0 of our CloudBackup tool.

In this release we continue to expand our API resources to help you integrate your existing infraestructure with our tool. We added resources for retention policies and schedules. This was also added in our open source cloudbackup-cli binary, which greatly simplifies interaction with our API.

We also added a very useful feature to skip backups if the server is not in read only mode. This is useful if you have high availability or multi master servers (one active and one passive) and you want to setup backup tasks in both servers. With this new flag, the backup will run only in the passive server (the one that is readonly) and never in the active server (which usually has more load). If you come up with another useful use case for this feature, let us know!