Cloud Backup Release 1.6.0

Digital Ocean Cloud Storage

Posted by Mariano Dominguez on December 04, 2017

After a while with no news, we are proud to release our agent version 1.6.0. But wait, why there’s no 1.5.0 release? That was an internal release, intended for one of our customers, and we wanted to keep our versioning consistent, sorry for that!

Now onto this release:


  • Support for Internationalization! In the coming weeks we will be bringing new languages, starting with Korean and Japanese, and later on Spanish.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug when doing an xtrabackup restore with incrementals, causing the xtrabackup info files to disappear. We now keep the files xtrabackup_binlog_info, xtrabackup_binlog_pos_innodb and xtrabackup_slave_info in the MySQL datadir, overwriting them with each incremental backup restored.

New Features

  • Implemented storing backups in Digital Ocean Object Storage. You can now stream all your backups to on the fly, without using any extra local storage, with simple and affordable pricing.