Cloud Backup Release 1.4.0

Google Cloud Storage

Posted by Mariano Dominguez on September 19, 2017


  • Better and more information about incremental backups and restores. You can now see which incremental backups correspond to each full backup and see a detailed log of each one.

  • Hot reload the configuration file by sending a SIGHUP to the agent, without needing to restart it, even in the middle of a backup!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that left incomplete files when backups failed.

  • Fixed bug that hung up the agent with xtrabackup and MySQL 5.7 in some distributions.

  • Fixed bug that would leave a scheduled restore as running forever if the agent crashed in the middle of a restore

New Features

  • We implemented storing backups in the heavily requested Google Cloud Storage (not to be confused with Google Drive). You can now stream all your backups to Google Cloud on the fly, without using any extra local storage.