Cloud Backup Release 1.2.0

Automated server installation

Posted by Fermin Silva on July 24, 2017

Today’s release comes with very good news for large installations of our service and other useful improvements.

API for server management

Some of our clients had problems to maintain a large install base of our agent, as that was a manual task. With this release you can now fully automate the installation of the Cloud Backup agent, we even provide reference Puppet and Ansible scripts for you to use or extend!

Please see our Help Entry to know how to integrate the installation with your infrastructure.

Other improvements

As requested by one of our clients, we added support for monthly backup scheduling.

There’s retries for S3 uploads, useful for unreliable networks.

And finally, we added an option to specify open files for xtrabackup, which could fail if you had lots of tables (say, more than 4000 tables).