Cloud Backup Release 1.11.0

Automatic replica builder and More

Posted by Javier Tomas Zon on October 24, 2018

We are proud to release version 1.11.0 of our CloudBackup tool with exciting new Features:


  • New email and Slack notification alerts when the agent looses connection with our servers, and when the agent connects again

  • Added an option to disable encryption and compression, useful if you want to store backups in plain text, although performance difference is negligible

New Features

  • After a restore finishes with Percona xtrabackup, you can now configure an option to replicate from a master server automatically. This will use the GTID or binlog position taken from the backup and execute the correct CHANGE MASTER statements to setup replication

  • Check lag before backup: you can now configure a lag threshold to check before running a backup, if the slave lag is greater than this number, the backup is skipped, useful for those backing up in a slave

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue for some accounts not seeing the option to enable/disable Binlogs notifications