Cloud Backup Release 1.10.0

Binlogs Backups and More

Posted by Mariano Dominguez on September 05, 2018

We are proud to release version 1.10.0 of our CloudBackup tool with exciting new Features:


  • Differential backups: you can now choose between differential or incremental backups when backing up your database with Percona xtrabackup. Just to recap:

    A differential backup records the differences since your last full backup. Most databases have a lot of data that does not change from one backup to the next. Not copying this data into your backups can result in faster and smaller backups.

    An incremental backup records the changes since the last backup of any type, be it a differential or full backup. This makes the incremental backups even smaller than differentials. However, during a restore, an incremental backup needs to apply all the incrementals one by one, while a differential backup needs to apply only the full + the differential, making it faster to restore.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a segmentation fault crash

  • Fixed the Guided Tour in the frontend, that guides you to configure your first task

  • Small UI and Wording fixes

New Features

  • Implemented storing backups in Alibaba Object Storage Service. You can now stream all your backups to the cloud on the fly, without using any extra local storage, with simple and affordable pricing.

  • Binlogs Backups: when you setup your task to use Percona xtrabackup you can now choose to enable binlogs backups, which will periodically upload the latest binlog to the storage of your choice (binlog restore still pending).